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Sheet Metal and Fabricating

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Sheet Metal and Fabricating All

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Our stock of Used Presses and Hydraulic Presses include quality equipment from famous names including H M E Rhodes, Bentley Bliss, Amada Kinghorn, R M T Hare, Mills Norton, TOS Miton, Brunnhuber Pilot, Edbro Denison, Cincinnatti Soenen, H E C Dualform, Worcester Minster, Weingarten Galli, Bruderer Clearing, Wilkins & Mitchell, Cowlishaw Walker, Stanko Manoul


Our stock of used pressbrakes/folders includes quality equipment from famous names including, Pearson Edwards Pearson, Edwards Promecam, Safan K B, Guifil Haco, Kingsland Mebusa, Rhodes Bombled, Wysong Di-Acro, Loire Safe Voest, Simat Mengele, Nisshinbo E K T, Amada Promecam Amada, Shemach Megoform, Morgan Rushworth Adira, Darley Rico, IMAL Durma, Bronx Colly, Barnes S M T, Beyeler Niagara

Shears & Guillotines

Our stock of Used Guillotines / Shears includes quality equipment from famous names including Safan KB, Promecam Amada, Amada Promecam Cincinnatti, Rhodes Morgan Rushworth, Rushworth Edwards, Besco Edwards Pearson, Darley Guifil, Durma Jordi, Ermaksen Haco, Kingsland Simat, Bombled Hammerle


Our stock of Used Saws and used table saws includes quality equipment from famous names including Bianco Ajax, F O M Qualters & Smith, M E P Addison, Perris Prosaw, Comet Utting, Columbo Do-All, Startrite Rusch, Forte Fendo, Amada Meddings, MACC Pedrazolli, Super Brown Adige

Pipe & Tube Benders

Pipe & Tube Benders

Bending Rolls

Our Stock of Used Tube/Plate/Section Bending Machines includes Quality Equipment from Famous Names including Pedrazzoli M G, Hilmor Buxton, Anglia Power Bend Soco, Zopf B P R, Tauring Steco, Pullmax Roundo, TOS Comac, Sergi S A F, Jammes H M, Jorg Morgan Rushworth, Walton Fasti


Folding Machines

Drills & Drilling

Drills & Drilling Machines


Lockforming Machine


Notching Machines


Punching machine



Welders & Welding Equipment

Welding Machinery & Equipment

Section Rollers

Section Rolling Machine

Miscellaneous Sheet Metal

Miscellaneous Sheet Metal


Profile Cutting Machine

Lift Trucks

Lift/Fork Trucks used for Lifting Heavy Loads


Plasma Machines

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